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One Pest Worse than The Household Fly

posted on 14 May 2012 | posted in Pest Experiences

I've just got back from Fraser Island, off the east coast of Australia - WOW, what a beautiful island. From the deep greens of Lake Wabby to the azure blue of Lake McKenzie, this island is a delight to the eyes, full of surprises.

One problem I did have there was the bloody sand flies. Oh my God are those little buggers persistent. I was slapping myself something stupid on the beach - no amount of creams or ointments would put them off either - they just kept coming back again and again - far more annoying than mozzies or your common household fly.

Still, it hasn't put me off going back to Australia - I'm back to Brisbane later this year, and I will be intending to visit both Hervey Bay and Fraser Island again - so watch out sand flies - I'm coming back for my revenge!

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