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How the Thais Get Rid of Flies!

posted on 24 June 2014 | posted in Pest Experiences

A recent trip to Thailand showed me how the Thais get rid of their own pest flies - some quite ingenious and surprising methods:-

Suspended Bags of Water
The bags must be clear plastic, and the water helps reflect light very well - which apparently flies do not like! Sure enough, it was FAIRLY effective though not a sure fire winner. I still found flies handing around the (Tom Yam) soup bowl.


Suspended CDs / DVDs
A more modern take on the traditional bag of water, CDs / DVDs do an excellent job of reflecting light, and I found these to be more effective than the water method, BUT they are quite distracting to humans too! I found that sometimes they were simply too dazzling.

The fans do their job by creating too much resistence for the flies - they simply can't compete with the veritable gales blowing forth from the fans. Of course, the fans can help on a hot evening anyway, but hardly practical if you're living in a colder climate.

If in doubt, smoke 'em out. This is the last option to go for - perhaps a barbeque is the ideal setting to use this technique, but the trouble is that the smoke has to be where the flies want to be - near your food and your table. Not the most practical solution.

So there you have it - some practical and cheap solutions to ridding your outdoor party of flies. Personally I found the water and DVD solutions can work well, particularly if there is a light breeze - flies do not like the moving reflected light.

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