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Halo Aqua *Splash Proof* Electric Glue Board Fly Killer

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Glue Board Fly Killers are becoming the preferred method of fly control according to Environmental Health Inspectors.

The Halo Aqua * Splash Proof * Electric Glue Board Fly Killer is an industrial and commercial fly killing machine suitable for use in damp conditions.

* This fly trap can be used in food preparation areas which are washed or hosed down frequently *

3 x 15 watt FEP coated shatterproof tubes

Covers upto 120 square metres

Can be wall mounted vertically or horizontally

Front guard lets down easily to clean or change the UV tubes.

Measures: 588mm x 404mm x 118mm

Front guard lets down easily to clean

Certified to RoHS standards, meeting European directives

Replacement glue boards and spare tubes are available, please see below:

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