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Fly Shield Solo *Discreet* Electric Glue Board Fly Killer

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Glue Board Fly Killers are becoming the preferred method of fly control according to Envoironmental Health Inspectors.

The Fly Shield Solo *Discreet* Electric Glue Board Fly Killer is specifically designed for discreet and stylish fly control.

This type of fly killer uses sticky glue pads on which the flies stick. It is suitable for commercial use in restaurants, pubs, cafes, reception areas as well as for domestic use such as in a conservatory or in a caravan!

1 x 20 watt energy saving uv / ultra violet bulb

Covers 90 square metres

2 metre lead cable

Free standing

Main body of unit is corrosion resistant anodised aluminium which makes this insect trap easy to clean as well as being light and portable

1 year Manufacturers warranty

Replacement glue boards and spare bulbs can be seen below:

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