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Fly Shield 1 *Discreet* Electric Glue Board Flykiller

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Glue Board Fly Killers are becoming the preferred method of fly control according to Environmental Health Inspectors.

The Fly Shield 1 *Discreet* Electric Glue Board Fly Killer is an attractive stainless steel fly killing unit that attracts flies and flying insects onto it's discreet, sticky glue board trap.

Suitable for domestic use such as in a kitchen or commercial use such as in a coffee shop or sandwich bar.

1 x 18 watt
uv / ultraviolet tube

Covers up to 90 square metres

Measures: 345mm wide x 250mm high x 115mm deep

For wall mounting

CE Approved and formally tested to BS EN 60598-1 standards meeting European directives

2 Year Manufacturers warranty

Replacement glue boards and spare tubes can be seen below:

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