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Electric Glue Board Mosquito Trap

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Electric Glue Board Mosquito Trap by Vector is the best mosquito and midge killing trap that we have tried and tested.

This trap is ideal for use in outdoor catering areas such as around pub barbecues, in pub beer gardens, on restaurant terraces and inside marquees etc., to stop mosquitoes and midges from biting customers! This unit is also ideal for use inside the home or business such as in a kitchen or in a conservatory.

  • For use outside in the garden or inside the home or business
  • Uses uv light and an octenol lure
The Vectortrap uses an Octenol lure to attract female mosquitoes and midges into the trap. Octenol, also known as mushroom alcohol, is present in human breath and sweat which is so attractive to these biting insects. With the use of this trap you attract the insects into the machine and away from your clients, you or your family!

  • It is the female mosquitoes and midges that bite as the male insects feed on flower nectar
  • The female insects get stuck on the glue boards within the trap
  • By killing the females, it stops the bites and it breaks the breeding cycle of these biting insect pests
  • Works up to 150 square metres / 1614 square feet
  • Easy to clean and change the glue boards for continued protection
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