Electric Grid Fly Zappers + Electric Glue Board Fly Killers

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Buy online the best and most effective electric grid fly zappers and electric glue board fly killers. Our fly killing machines will eliminate and eradicate problems with flies, wasps and other types of flying insects.

Our electronic fly killing units are for domestic or commercial use, from small to large industrial models. We also supply an extensive range of discreet electric glue board fly killers which are effective for use in the home or front of house areas in bars, restaurants and food outlets. These discreet fly killers also provide attractive background lighting that make them look just like wall lights. Our outdoor lantern fly killer is most popular for commercial use in pub beer gardens or at outdoor events as well as being attractive for use in the home such as in a conservatory.

Our range of fly killing machines include those manufactured by Bower including the Insectaclear, Fusion and Flyshield brands. P & L, including the Satellite, Plus Zap and Insect-o-cutor brands and a range of EcoMaster as well as Brandenberg / Genus electric fly killer units.

We are suppliers of spare ultraviolet [ uv ] bulbs, lamps and tubes and replacement glue boards for your existing domestic or commercial electric fly zapper killers and glue board fly killing machines including those made by Vermatik.

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About Us at Fly Killers Online UK

Fly Killers Online is a dedicated website selling Electric Fly Killers in th UK and Europe.

We are a family run business that believes in 'old fashioned values'.

We have 35 years experience in the Pest Control Industry, supplying and fitting electric fly killers to major food producers, restaurants, hospitals, shops, take aways and domestic households. We are British Pest Control Association [BPCA] trained.

With our knowledge of electronic fly killing machines, we have developed an excellent range of products for you to buy online for use in your business or home.

Our range includes electric grid fly killers, electric glue board fly killers, discreet, industrial and outdoor fly killing machines as well as spare ultra violet bulbs and replacement glue boards.