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Pest Stop / PestStop Patio & Conservatory Ultraviolet Fly Killer Lantern

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The Pest Stop / Peststop Patio and Conservatory Electric Fly Killer Lantern can be used outside in the garden, around barbeque areas and on the patio.

Pest Stop UV, Ultraviolet Lantern Flykiller is effective in zapping and killing flies, wasps and flying insects in the the kitchen, conservatory, garden room, summer house or under gazebos.

Pest Stop Electric Lantern Fly Killer or Fly Trap is effective to kill and get rid of a problem with Flies, Bluebottles, Mosquitoes, Wasps, Midges, Gnats and other Flying Bug Insects.

The Pest Stop / Peststop Fly and Flying Insect Killer Lantern has a U shaped ultra violet, UV blue light bulb which attracts the flying insect pests. As the bug insects approach the light, they are killed or zapped on contact with the electric grid surrounding the bulb within the Patio Lantern.

The Pest Stop / Peststop Electric Fly Killer Outdoor and Indoor Lantern comes with a hanging chain and brush for cleaning the grid of dead flies, wasps or fly insects.

If you need a spare or replacement UV, Ultraviolet bulb please see our " UV Lamps/Bulbs " category to the left.

Area of coverage is approx. 60-80 sq.mtrs

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Price: 28.29 (33.95 inc. VAT)

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